Intellectual Property Rights Internationally

Intellectual Property Rights Internationally

In our increasingly knowledge-based global economy, intellectual property (IP) international plays a vital role in promoting innovation, creativity, and competitiveness. However, many businesses, do not realize that their IP—copyrights, patents and trademarks—are not protected abroad. Sometimes they mistakenly assume that their domestic IP protection is universal. In fact, businesses should take steps to protect their IP both in the United States and in each country where they plan to do business.

Learn more about international IP protection, and how to protect and enhance your asset and competitive advantage internationally.

What main services can help you protect your brand internationally?

  • Protect your Trademark

  • Trademark registration procedure, monitoring and surveillance of your IP rights throughout their entire lifetime.

  • Protect your Patent

  • Advises during all the stages of obtaining a patent, a utility model or an industrial design in emerging market economies: from determining patentability and application drafting to the presentation and process of obtaining the requested right, all the way to its maintenance.

  • Anti-counterfeiting

  • Anti-counterfeiting advisory service offers a perfectly balanced synergy between our legal and technology experts.